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16 May 2009 @ 07:36 pm
On May 16th exactly sixteen years ago (providing the time is 4:00pm GMT -5) I was born. Turning sixteen for me isn't much of a big deal--however I do love the humor in the fact that some of my forum friends at TombRaiderGirl thought I was in my twenties, :D! Well, I did not take that as in insult but a compliment since it shows I act older than I am. I love that :)!

Anyway, like I said, it's not much of a big deal--a lot of people get all hot and heavy about their sixteenth birthday--to me, it's just another day and I'm just another year older. Still, I had a fun time--went with the parents to Burger King and then Coldstone Creamery (the local ice cream hot spot) in Dartmouth. I now see why everyone talks about it, their selections are bloody brilliant although the prices are a bit posh-tosh. Either way, I was glad to enjoy myself with my parents.

I somewhat wanted to do something bigger, but Sweet 16's are a girl thing, and I don't have enough friends that I actually enjoy seeing outside of school to actually invite and let there be an actual party, so I skipped that. I got my birthday presents last month--a flat screen HDTV for my bedroom and a new computer, a Compaq Presario Desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium (NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics card, 250GB Hard Drive and 3GB of RAM), The Sims 2: Apartment Life, The Sims 2: Pets, The Sims 2: Seasons, The Sims 3 Collector's Edition (preorder) and Left 4 Dead which I got today along with a 4000 Microsoft Points card. Plus, I got $95 total from my parents, grandparents, and godmother. I made out good this year! Also, Happy Birthday to Pierce Brosnan, Megan Fox and Tori Spelling!

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and thanks so much to my dear friend Mary who made my birthday known at the Official Paramore Fan Club forums and to everyone over there who made me feel incredibly special with their amazing love and appreciation for me. Thank you to my wonderful and loving parents for which I am incredibly fortunate to have, and thanks to them for all the nice things I have. Thanks to all my friends for being there for me, through thick and thin, ups and downs, and last but not least, my friend Chloe--if it wasn't for her, I'd probably not have anyone intelligent to talk to aside from my school psychologist. Her personality is indeed a rare and amazing one and I'm so glad I came across her at TombRaiderGirl :) !

Mason :D

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10 May 2009 @ 02:17 am
Well, here's a new update with some exciting news! I got to talk to Hayley Williams from Paramore today. I was in the Official Paramore Fan Club chat room and Hayley was there! She answered a few of my questions and it was just great fun. We both have a lot in common in terms of liking the same video games and movies and restaurants. It was a quagmire of epic proportions. I could not believe I was talking to her. First I see her in person on August 17, 2008. Now, on May 10, 2009 I talked to her. Then, on June 20, 2009 I’m going to see her in person again and I might get to meet her. Lord give me strength. I don’t know how I’m still conscious.

Well, I’m going to brush my teeth and play The Sims 2 while I reminisce on today’s events. I love life.

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